Reality Sucks!

Hello and welcome to Reality Sucks, a blog that takes you inside the paradise worlds created by advertising media and then slaps you in the face with a heavy dose of harsh reality.

I’ve been in the advertising business for 25 years (my God, has it been that long?!) and I love the business passionately and think it’s one of the most creative industries imaginable. It’s salesmanship, enthusiasm, persuasion and human motivation all wrapped up in one. It never gets boring and I don’t imagine it ever will.

There’s the real world that we all live in, let’s call this world “reality,” and then there’s a parallel universe created by advertisers in which we would all love to live, if only it really existed. After years of carefully exploring the differences between these two worlds I have come to the following conclusion:


There’s the mouth-watering vision of the Big Mac in the ads, and then there’s the somewhat less appetizing reality on the table before me:

There’s the sensuality oozing Calvin Klein model in a magazine, and then there’s the way that very same garment looks on me and my friends:


Oh, how I long to whip up a batch of Sunday morning sprouted-grain pancakes in this Architecture Digest kitchen; however, I will have to satisfy myself with Eggo’s here at home instead:

If only raising children were as idyllic as it must be in the Dolce & Gabbanahousehold!

And why go to the beach with Aunt Clarise and Uncle Milton when you can just as well go yachting with 15 of your best friends!

Alas my dear readers, if I have any, reality will never live up to the promise of the parallel universe created by me and my fellow advertising executives in our attempt to profit from the unfulfillable yearnings of our fellow man.